It's The WAISTLINE for Me Challenge

A Healthy Gut Is Where It Starts

The last few years have been interesting.  As I check-in in my 50s, I am thankful that 8 years ago life shifted for me to pay closer attention to my health.  It has been and continues to be a journey that I am excited to be on, as our health is our greatest wealth.  On Nov. 12, 2022, as I witnessed an incredible Health and Wellness company that I am a part of giving away $65,000 in our 25K Challenge to the Top 3 contestants and their coach, I weighed and measured in.  This challenge was inspired by my 29.5-inch waistline I was so excited to see! This represents 4.5 inches off of my waistline since January 1, 2022, & losing 20 lbs and keeping it off this year is also not so bad lol.  Therein lies the background and inspiration for this challenge.  It's not just physical, it's about lifestyle changes to your health.  70% of our Immune System is dependent on our gut.  Belly fat does not represent a healthy gut; therefore, we need to decrease our waistline and eliminate belly fat!  Join me in saying, "It's the Waistline for Me," and let's get healthy together! 


Commit to You!

1.  Commit to yourself for 15 Days

2.  Move with Intention - Exercise for 30 minutes a day

3.  Make healthier eating choices

4.  Take your Nutraburst liquid vitamin in the morning, your NRG natural energy alongside your Nutraburst and consume IASO Cleansing Tea twice a day at lunch and dinner.


Our Teams Round 1 Top 10 Winner!

Twailla Lattimore

"Founding Elite 36"

She won $500 Cash in our weekly giveaway!

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Our Teams Round 1 Top 36 Winner!

Naja Levels

"Founding Elite 36"

She won $500 Cash in our weekly giveaway!